Well you don’t see this every day.  As I checked the weather I noticed this tiny line in a banner ad.  It looked familiar.  So I investigated a bit further.  It was a flash ad, so a quick zoom confirmed my suspicions.  I won’t do any free advertising for the owner of the ad, but I’m sure, as a Hotel, that the message they were trying to get across was not a recital of the famous “Lorem Ipsum” typesetters filler text.

Lorem Ipsum woopsie doo

Lorem Ipsum woopsie doo


This is one of those things you just don’t do.  I mean the list that includes brushing your teeth with a wire brush, fixing dinner with a crescent wrench and wearing your tighty whitey’s on the outside of your corduroy man-prees. 

A few things to think about when developing banner ads.

  • The client is paying your salary, so you should maybe make sure that you’re putting their best first impression out there, else your salary might… suffer.
  • If you are working on a large number of projects, make sure you keep track of each piece of work carefully to make sure you don’t overwrite a finished ad with a blank or another client’s ad.
  • Oh, and I think the biggest faux pas would be uploading the ad you threw together at 4:47pm on a friday and let it run on a site that gets 21 Million hits per month  without at least checking to make sure it’s not just a line of Lorem Ipsum.  Because its pretty safe to say your client doesn’t want to talk, in latin no less, about “denouncing pleasure and praising pain”.


I think the picture gets the point across pretty well, but really… I can’t just post a picture and have that be all.  So there.