I’m sure you’ve referred to or heard about “the black box”.  The phrase saves people who use it from sounding silly when talking about things they don’t understand. 

And over here we have the IT department.  I like to call it the “Black Box”.  We like what they do over here.

sounds better than:

And over here we have the IT department.  They do configuration files on the disaster covering system, install uploads onto our email and document server, and create HTML and Photoshops.

I hope to think that’s an exaggeration, but you get the picture. 

The black box is not for the faint of knowledge, it is not for the weak of vocabulary, it’s not going to take your kids to the zoo or do your taxes (because that’s a whole other black box).  Here you will find the ramblings of the man inside the black box.  Some may be incoherent spattering of illegible babble.  Others may (hopefully) be deep insightful glimpses into the depths of black box wisdom and fortune.  If you find yourself here, find yourself lucky to be amongst the greatest of my minds expulsions.  Enjoy your stay, and please don’t sit on the wet paint.  The construction of the black box is a perpetual thing.  (Just think about it, people have been referring to the black box since … forever.  We don’t have WWII flamethrowers in here any more… we renovated that area 3 weeks ago!!)